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The Flower Egg Yolk Tart is a unique and sweet egg based dessert



When you’ve seen everything there is to see in Bangkok, and tried all the street food you can get your hands on, you’ll want to try the desserts. There are no better baked sweets in Southeast Asia than off the streets of Bangkok. What makes Thai desserts so great is the fact that there are a variety of desserts to choose from and different variations on how each baker makes them. The Flower Egg Yolk Tart is a unique and sweet egg based dessert that is popular all throughout the country.


This sugary treat is hard to miss since its flower shape is what makes it so special. The steps of making the recipe can seem complicated, and making it for the first time can be tricky, but the street food pros make it look easy.


First, the baker boils the egg yolk, sugar, and flower water in a sugary syrup. The syrup is what helps form the shape of the flower since the heat helps to caramelize the outside. This Flower Egg Yolk Tart is called Thong Yip in the Thai language. There are other different types of egg tarts such as the Thong Yod (which is an egg tart in small balls) and Foi Thong (shredded egg yolk tart).


Sounded complicated, right? This is why you should not skip trying this dessert. You’ll never find anything like it in all of your travels. If you’re traveling with your family and you brought the kids along for the ride, they’ll love this sweet treat. Not only will it fulfill their sweet tooth craving, but it’s soft for them to eat, no matter what age they are. They will also be amused by the flower shape of the dessert.


Thong Yip in Thai simply means “gold pick up.” Most Thai people eat flower egg yolk tarts during a ceremony or special occasion because they believe that gold symbolizes good fortune and wealth. They believe that by eating this golden dessert, they will reach success and obtain good luck. If you are ever invited to a Thai wedding or family reunion, you will more than likely see these beautiful flower egg yolk tart creations.


One of the best ways to munch on a flower egg yolk tart is on the bustling streets of Bangkok. It is an entertaining sight to see since the tarts are usually made on a skillet and with such time and care. You will certainly taste the delicious rewards once your teeth have sunken into the tart pastries. Hopefully that good luck will wear off on you too! What is great about getting Thong Yip off the streets is the fact that it’s cheap and you can usually buy several for under $1 USD. This is another great reason why it is perfect to share with your family since there will be plenty of flowers to go around without breaking your wallet.


The other egg yolk desserts, Thong Yod (sweet egg yolk balls) and Foi Thong (sweet shredded egg yolk) are also related to gold and good fortune. Thong Yod is shaped in a solid round ball and it symbolizes a continuous flow of wealth. This is because the circular shape looks like a golden water drop that constantly flows.


Foi Thong not only means good fortune, but also long lasting love. This dessert is different from the other two because the egg yolk is poured through a small funnel to make the egg yolk strings. These golden strings are boiled in the sugary syrup so that they are then coated and harden into a pastry. This is also another favorite amongst visitors and locals.


You can find these egg yolk desserts in the food stall areas around the Silom neighborhood of Bangkok. Silom is home to many great sources of entertainment and is one of the most lively districts in the capital city. If you’re looking for a great place to stay that’s near all the best attractions, look into the rooms at Centre Point Hotel Silom. Centrepoint Hotel has six locations that offer the most accommodating rooms for an affordable price. We hope you have a great time trying all the tasty egg yolk desserts!