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Happy Loy Krathong from Centre Point Silom


It’s almost time again for the annual Loy Krathong festival, when people all over Thailand come together to release traditional candlelit baskets (krathong) on the local waterways. This ancient tradition symbolises the release of their negative thoughts or bad luck and may once have been a way of paying tribute to the river goddess. Today, it’s an important time for families and loved ones to come together.


Every year, our guests are eager to know where the best place is to enjoy the festival. As our hotel is right by Chao Phraya River, our guests don’t have far to go to float a krathong. There are plenty of popular places to enjoy this festival in the immediate area.


However, Loy Krathong is celebrated all over Thailand as well, and each province has its own slight variation on how to observe the occasion. That’s why we also encourage guests to consider spending an evening at a location in the surrounding area. With that in mind, we’re recommending that those who have time pay a visit to Sukhothai to enjoy the traditional Candle Festival.


This Year’s Loy Krathong Activities Will Be Toned Down

Upon the passing of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the people of Thailand have entered into a one-year mourning period. During the first 30 days of this period, many cities and organisations have chosen to tone down their local entertainment. This will have a minor effect on Loy Krathong celebrations around the country as well.


But Loy Krathong is not strictly a celebration. Instead, it’s a time of reflection – when loved ones can come together to look forward to a happier, brighter future. For that reason, most provinces around Thailand are still hosting activities for Loy Krathong. They’ll just be toning down some of the more entertainment-oriented aspects of the occasion.


This year, you’ll still have ample opportunity to float a krathong on a local waterway and admire the flickering lights over the surface of the water. However, some of the peripheral concerts, pageants and firework displays will almost certainly be cancelled.


Enjoy the Candle Festival in Sukhothai

Normally, if guests ask for recommendations about other provinces where they can enjoy Loy Krathong, we point them toward Sukhothai. Their annual Candle Festival is absolutely breath-taking. A series of events are staged over five days in the Sukhothai Historical Park. There’s nothing quite like enjoying cultural performances and floating your raft in the midst of the centuries-old temples and structures of the park. You can’t help but feel a genuine connection to Thailand’s past.


However, it appears that Sukhothai may be calling off the festival this year. The provincial governor said that everyone is, of course, still welcome to float their own krathong as usual. With that in mind, if you’re staying at Centre Point Silom during the occasion and would like some other recommendations