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The Unicorn Cafe Specialties

When visiting a new city or country, some of the best sites to visit are the most unusual and most unique places. Traveling in general opens your mind and eyes to new foods, cultures, beliefs, and landscapes. It’s no wonder why the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok is so popular. This is unlike any cafe you’ve ever been to!

The Unicorn Cafe is a child’s dream come true and a flashback of childhood for adults. This cafe was completely Lisa Frank inspired and the collection of My Little Pony toys scattered throughout the cafe are living proof.

This is the perfect place to take the whole entire family since your kids will be dazzled by all the glitter and rainbows. Don’t be surprised to find the café packed with other tourists along with many locals as well. The Unicorn Cafe is a huge hit due to its exuberant theme.

Not only are the decorations fun and frilly, but the food they serve at the cafe is just as wild. Have you ever tried pink and blue colored pasta? Neither have I, until I finally dined at the Unicorn Cafe. There will be many firsts for you and your family if you choose to visit this vibrant café. We’ll tell you what’s good and what to skip when you visit this must-see cafe.

The Unicorn Cafe Specialties

When you enter the Unicorn Cafe, you will notice the large menu of burgers, desserts, and fancy frappuccino drinks on (of course) a rainbow painted menu. There is a list of items that the Unicorn Cafe recommends. We decided to try a couple dishes off the recommended menu since it was our first time at the cafe and we wanted to play it safe.

I was curious about the Rainbow Spaghetti Carbonara Pasta, since I have seen it posted in other food blogs. This is the noodle dish where the angel hair pasta noodles are three different colors, pink, blue, and white. The pile of noodles along with the creamy alfredo sauce topped with bacon bits creates one of the most unique presentations I’ve seen.

We also decided to order one of the large burgers. We went with the double cheese burger but there are also other burgers to choose from. The pasta and burger weren’t bad but it’s good to note that the cheese can be thick so the texture might throw your taste buds off.

I was personally more impressed about the desserts anyway, and would suggest coming to this cafe for them. The multi-layered pastel colored crepe cake is great for taking photos with. The icing itself is very buttery and can be dense but there are two sauces that come with it, so be sure to add them for better flavor.

I really liked the waffle dessert that came with ice cream and fruits. The waffle itself is made with various colored waffle batter. It almost looks like you’re eating a rainbow off your plate! The waffle is then served with two creamy scoops of ice cream and fresh fruits.

This is definitely a great place to take picky kids. They will be more entranced by the idea of eating the rainbow than what the food actually tastes like. While you’re dining, feel free to eat in a unicorn onesie. They’re found throughout the cafe and are welcome to be worn by cafe visitors.

Staying Near the Unicorn Cafe

If you’re trying to pick a good spot to stay at in Bangkok that’s close to the Unicorn Cafe along with other great sites, consider staying in the Silom district. The Silom district is one of the busiest neighborhoods in Bangkok since there are many malls, markets, art galleries, and many other attractions. The Unicorn Cafe is tucked away on a small street that’s very close to the Trinity Mall and the Diamond Tower.

If you’re looking to stay in the Silom area so you can easily tour these fantastic spots, check out our rooms and suites at Centre Point Hotel Silom. Our rooms are designed to make you feel right at home during your stay in the golden city of Bangkok. We hope you have an excellent trip to Thailand. Before you leave Bangkok, you must check out the Unicorn Cafe! You’ll thank us later.